Ordering Tips

At BMC Enterprises, our goal is to make it easy for you to do business with us and provide you with an unparalleled customer experience. We understand the success of your pour relies on our ability to communicate with you throughout the delivery of your concrete and that much work goes into preparing for your job well before you order from us.

Below are some general guidelines to help ensure that you are delivered exactly what you want each and every time you pour.

Before you call:

  • Have you confirmed the yardage amount for the pour? If you measure your area, we can help you determine the needed volume.
  • Does the project have approved mixes?
  • Has pump/conveyor been scheduled and confirmed?

Placing your order:

Call the day before you pour to place the order. This enables our dispatchers to accurately schedule trucks resulting in timely deliveries. At this time, discuss with our customer service representatives the truck access and any specifics pertaining to the jobsite. Please remember that firm orders are given precedence over “will call” orders. Due to the nature of our delivery business, we are unable to “hold” trucks or even schedule trucks based on “will call” orders until they are confirmed. Once we receive confirmation of your order, it is then that we position the order into the schedule. All attempts are made to meet your specific needs at that time.

General Information needed:

  1. Company Name or Individual Name (For companies, please provide the Project Name if this job was a quoted project with your company)
  2. Complete Address
  3. On The Job Contact Name & Number (Before shipping, we call the contact provided to confirm the order information and ensure job site readiness for the concrete)
  4. COD orders should have a credit card number ready – BMC accepts all major credit cards. 

Required Information:

  • Provide your desired time for concrete arrival at the job site
  • Give specific directions to the job site
  • Give the mix number and or type you are ordering along with specifics such as air, slump, etc.
  • Give the total number of yards needed
  • Provide your desired spacing for the trucks (“I need the trucks 30 minutes apart.”)

Other Considerations:

  • Is the jobsite easily accessible to ready mix trucks? Is the entrance/exit clearly visible and/or marked?
  • Can the ready mix truck safely get close enough to pour area?
  • Is jobsite safe for the weight/size of ready mix trucks? (Ground stability, incline of ground, proximity of buildings, overhead wires, etc)

Please remember that SAFETY of our drivers, trucks and your jobsite is our top priority.