Concrete Products

We began manufacturing septic tanks in Polk County, MO more than a half century ago. Since then, Stewart Concrete has grown to include five locations across Missouri. We proudly provide quality precast concrete products for customers in Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Nebraska.

We produce precast concrete products for the construction and agricultural industries, as well as supplying storm shelters for homeowners and the mobile home industry.

Along with our wide range of concrete products, we also carry a full line of plumbing supplies, including all materials needed for a complete septic system install.

Livestock Feeders

Stewart Concrete manufactures durable concrete feed troughs suitable for both dairy and beef cattle. Whether you operate a small family farm or a large commercial feed lot, Stewart Concrete has the right product to meet your needs.

Septic Tanks

Stewart Concrete is the preferred provider of concrete septic tanks in our area.  Our knowledgeable staff and highly trained delivery drivers will coordinate with the installer of your choice to provide all of the materials necessary to complete your project.  After your order is placed, we will deliver and set the septic tank in the hole prepared by your installer.

Cattle Guards

We build precast concrete cattle guards in 4′ x 7′ or 8′ x 7′ sections, designed to be placed side by side on a bed of 4″ rock.

The benefits of these cattle guards are immediately obvious. They offer superior strength, better resistance to the elements, and are low maintenance. The cattle guard will offer a lifetime of service, and will withstand any highway-legal vehicle weight.  They will last through years of frequent crossings; and best of all, no more gates to open and close!

Storm Shelters

Stewart Concrete is dedicated to manufacture the highest quality precast concrete storm shelters available today. In-ground storm shelters provide safety and peace of mind for you and your loved ones during tornadic storms.

A unique feature of our shelter is the sloped concrete stair system.  This allows easy and safe access, unlike our competitors which use a ladder system that makes it much more difficult for quick entry.

Watering Tanks

Stewart Concrete offers a variety of livestock watering options:  Including our popular freeze-proof models,  various concrete tanks, and we also carry an extensive line of Mirafount Polyethylene waterers.  Whatever type of livestock watering project you are planning, Stewart Concrete can provide you with the best solution.

Whether you are building a pond, feed lot, or an intensive grazing operation, our knowledgeable representatives are available to assist you in making the best choice for your application.

Well Houses

Concrete Well Houses provide long term protection for your well equipment.  Unlike conventional wood-framed well houses, our air-tight concrete product will not deteriorate in the damp environment and will eliminate freezing.

Because precast well houses are so secure and durable, they can be used anywhere on your property, and are ideal for remote locations and farms.  They are weather and fire resistant…virtually indestructible…even bullet proof!    They can be installed for new or existing wells.

Manholes and Drainage Structures

We do a wide range of manholes and drainage structures for municipal projects.  We are available to review your plans or project requirements and present a list of products we could provide.

  • Manholes
  • Curb Inlets
  • Outlet Structures
  • Drainage Boxes
  • Reinforced Concrete Road Pipe
  • HDPE
  • Cast Iron Ring and Covers/Grates
  • Various Custom Precast Items

Plumbing Supplies

In addition to our full line of precast concrete items, Stewart Concrete is also a premier supplier to the plumbing industry. We carry a wide range of plumbing supplies to accommodate many different projects, including:

  • PVC Pipe & Fittings
  • Sewage Pumps & Controls
  • EZflow Lateral Systems
  • Infiltrator Chambers
  • Advanced Treatment Units
  • HDPE & Galvanized Culvert

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