Environmental Commitment

Protecting our Environment

As a major producer and supplier of concrete, aggregates, and building materials, BMC Enterprises understands the importance of an ongoing commitment to the environment and the communities where we operate. Compliance with all federal, state, and local legislation pertaining to our business is essential and the foundation of our environmental program. It is BMC Enterprise’s policy to make every practical effort to reduce any negative impact to the environment that may result from the manufacturing, transportation, or delivery of our finished products and services. It is our belief that this can be accomplished through:

  • Maintaining and complying with our environmental permits and other requirements established through legislation.
  • Implementing an environmental system that requires regular self-inspection with measurable improvement goals.
  • Ensuring necessary environmental controls are in-place and maintained in a manner that minimizes the possibility of pollution and nuisance to our local communities.
  • Investing in recycling opportunities that prove to reduce the amount of solid waste our company contributes to landfills.
  • Maintaining our current facilities in a manner that protects or enhances the natural environment on and around that property.
  • Listening to and responding to the environmental needs of our local communities, neighbors, and agency representatives.
  • Educating our employees, customers, and sub-contractors on how our business impacts the environment and the best practices that we have implemented to reduce those impacts.

Exceeding Customer Expectations

BMC Enterprise is committed to exceeding our customer’s expectations in every area. This includes environmental excellence. We collaborate with our customers and suppliers to assist in eliminating pollution generated at the source, to use renewable materials, and to maximize the reclamation and recycling of materials in order to minimize any impacts on our customer’s jobsites and the environment.

Our delivery specialists are trained in jobsite environmental awareness and will work with your team to ensure that concrete placement and truck cleaning is performed in accordance with the industry best practices. Protection of the natural environment at your job site is as important to us as anyone.