Reduce the carbon footprint of your projects

Breckenridge Material Company is proud to partner with award-winning CarbonCure Technologies to bring concrete made with recycled CO2 to our community from four of our locations. Contact us to specify CarbonCure on your next project.

How it Works:

CarbonCure introduces recycled carbon dioxide (CO2) into fresh concrete in order to optimize the manufacturing process and reduce its carbon footprint. Once introduced to the fresh concrete mix, the CO2 chemically converts into a mineral and becomes permanently embedded in the concrete. The process improves the concrete’s strength, which enables us to reduce our cement content and further reduce our embodied carbon.

On average, every cubic yard of concrete made by Breckenridge Material Company with the CarbonCure Technology saves 25 pounds of CO2. The use of the CarbonCure Technology has no impact on the fresh or hardened properties of the concrete, including durability, finishing, work- ability, pump-ability, temperature, pH or appearance; and it will not impact the construction schedule.

Questions? View the files below for more information: